Open Education Projects

If you have created a map, a repository, an interactive tool, or if you have a open education project please share it here with us so we can start mapping and collecting initiatives from all over the globe and have a single space for sharing plans, ideas or to collectively support the development of Open Education Projects

Some partners in Quebec’s Higher Education network and elsewhere in the Francophone world have been partnering around the Comète RDF-based resource manager. At the non-profit Vitrine technologie-éducation our implementation is Ceres. It helps index resources by and for Quebec’s college network (the “Cegeps”).
Among Comète’s key features is the fact that the platform is really based on Linked Open Data and the Semantic Web. For instance, it’s now possible for a recognised third-party to add metadata to a resource already present in the catalogue. In a way, this functionality aligns with the “Open World Assumption” behind Linked Open Data.

Open Source Text Canada has a modest Google Docs spreadsheet listing OER projects of all stripes we have encountered. Please use any information of use to you and if any member of this group wishes to add to it, contact me for editor status (which we control to limit spam).

If anyone is interested, there is a very interesting map developed by OKFN in educational technology - Overview of Educational Technology Headstart if you have ideas to expand it please get in touch and I will try to feedback to the team