#hackCambridge - using data to address Cambridge's challenges,

#hackCambridge is a collaboration of organisations (Collusion, Thingful, The Junction and Smart Cambridgeshire) as part of the festival of ideas. The hack looks to explore how technology can improve the quality of life for city residents and address some of the challenges faced around transport, environmental management, energy and health and social care. The core part of the event will be a data hack, we welcome not only data people but anyone who wants to work on city challenges

To ensure that the hack is as successful as possible we want to work with likely participants to co-create the hack, identifying areas you’re interested in and ensuring that this isn’t just a one off event but makes a real difference to the residents of Cambridge. We’ll be talking about the Smart Cambridgeshire programme and on-going projects as well setting out the challenges the city faces. We want to hear from you what areas or data you’d be interested in working on.

The pre-meet will be on the 30th of Sept and you can register by following this link

#hackCambridge will be on the 31st of Oct at The Junction with the hack element running for 24hrs. The details of the hack will be worked out on the 30th of Sept.