Happy holidays from Open Knowledge International!


##Happy holidays from Open Knowledge International!

What are you going to open this year?

Dear all,

Thank you for taking part in the Open Knowledge network and activities in 2015. This year the open data space was both full of challenges and achievements in spreading open knowledge around the world. We are honoured and delighted that you continue to share this journey with us.

We have big plans for the Open Knowledge network in 2016! We would like to hear about your experience this year. Please share your New Year’s reflection with us on this thread.

We look forward to another amazing year together!

All the best in 2016!

The Open Knowledge International Team
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Happy holidays,

As I already mentioned to you (@Mor) , the Canadian group organizes #OKFestMTL, April 12 2016, a co-located event to Www2016.ca in Montreal at the Palais des Congrès.

We will published the program at the end of January. See : http://ca.okfn.org/okfestmtl/

I reiterate my call for contributions of OKI and I still awaiting your back on it. Could we hope that @rufuspollock can participate?

Diane Mercier
Ambassador for OK Canada local group


Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas!

This year, and very recently, Argentina had a change of government after 12 years of same party “ruling”. The new party comes after a pretty decent job in open data performed in the city of Buenos Aires.

We sure hope this “openess” vision is moved to a national level. We can definitely foresee a very active period starting in Argentine for open data projects and we look forward to sharing them with you.

Have a peaceful and innovative 2016.


Happy holidays from Japan!

In the end of 2015, Japanese govt has adopted the “Standard Terms of Use (Version 2.0)” which are compatible with CC-BY 4.0. Hiroichi and Tomo, vice chairman of OK Japan, had assisted as members of the government task force.

International Open Data Day is the largest event in Japanese open data communities. This year, there were 62 venue in Japan. That is the largest number in a country around the world.

Today, over 170 local governments are providing open data. National govt is boosting them by publishing guidelines. 170 is just 10% of all local governments in this country, but it includes 18 major cities. OK Japan members supports some of them, and we started to promote City Census of open data.

In 2016, we would like to accelerate standardization and utilization of data provided by national and local governments.


Open Knowledge Japan


Hi all,

next year Open Knowledge Finland will continue making the personal data more accessible to people them selves. MyData is not open data (personal data is by definition private), but by letting individuals decide what to do with their data many same benefits that with open data can be reached.

We will have big international MyData 2016 conference Aug 31st - Sep 2nd in Helsinki in the same venue with OKfest 2012.


Sure we will continue also many other open data related projects and efforts in Finland.


"Engaging Privacy" at The Internet Days - Stockholm - Sweden - Nov 21-22 - 2016
MyData 2016 Conference Aug 31st - Sep 2nd in Helsinki

Hello all, Happy holidays as well as Happy New Year in advance.

Well, at present Open Knowledge Pakistan is working on two projects that are (i) Open Data Platform for Pakistan (ii) Detailed directory of Public Bodies. Besides, we are working with local journalists so as to encourage data-driven journalism. As regard 2016, we are looking forward to host a data hackathon as well as trainings for journalists.

Nouman Nazim
Open Knowledge Pakistan


Happy New Year!!

2015 was one of the scary year for Nepal, we suffers from devastating April earthquake, crisis situation, political instability and many more.

But for Open Knowledge Nepal it was one of the buys year with lots of events and
activities. We marked 2015 as an growing year, where our working group was buys with an different kinds of activities beside open data. We celebrate Open Data Day, Document Freedom Day, Education Freedom Day, Software Freedom Day, Open Access Workshop here at Nepal with grand success. We collaborate with Nepal Government through UDESA/DPADM workshop, now we will be engaged with all kinds of government open data related activities and had also made good relation with Data Hackers of Nepal. Our Fellow did some awesome work during earthquake.

We are currently working on Nepal Open Data Index 2015 and the work on two major project PublicBodies Nepal and OpenSpending Nepal is ongoing. In 2016
we will do something more than this.

Nikesh Balami
Volunteer | Open Knowledge Nepal


Hello everybody,

I wish you a productive and gratifying 2016!

@nikeshbalami has already summarized progresses made by Open Knowledge Nepal.

I want to thank Open Knowledge community for helping us in tough times. Your guidance and support gave us courage to grow. We are happy to be learning, contributing, and making small impacts in Nepal.

Open Knowledge Nepal is now considered to be one of the front runners of open revolution in Nepal, and we could not have done this without you.

In 2016, we want to expand our scope while continuing our activities.

With warm regards,

Kshitiz Khanal
Open Knowledge Nepal


I hope you all had wonderful holidays to recharge your open batteries. I’m sure I have have. :grinning:

What we roughly did in 2015 is to be found on: http://www.openknowledge.be/2015/12/24/2015-our-year-in-review/. We used the timeline tool from OKFNLabs to show what we did.

In 2016 we hope to see real progress in the National datasets of Belgium. The federal government adopted a ambitious Open Data Strategy that should be fully implemented by 2020, we hope they get to it even sooner. And Wallonia might jumpstart this year as well since last year they focussed on streamlining their overal digital approach.

For Open Knowledge Belgium we’re working on tools that could deeply improve the community efforts in Belgium and beyond. Just before the holidays started we made a new website: http://2016.openbelgium.be/ for our conference, which can be used by anyone looking to setup a conference. Source here: https://github.com/RealTeamSWAG/swagsite. Later this month we will implement a few hackathon features so that it can be used for http://appsforghent.be/ and other hackathon events in Belgium and beyond. The back-end is written in PHP Laravel and very developer friendly for community contributors. With a similar approach we’re also building a one-pager crowdfunding/crowdsourcing platform for local social and open innovation projects looking for funding/volunteers/coaching/materials. The platform itself will also be open source.

So that’s something we’re all working on, providing tools and platforms for the specific needs of our local open communities. We hope to lower the barrier for governments or community groups to host events or initiate projects and decentralise open efforts to gain more traction.

And personally I hope to find an opportunity to work on Datawijs.be even further, and maybe even create and international version that anyone can reuse to promote data literacy.


Happy New Year From Morocco !

We Just relaunched the chapter last year, we were a little buy by hiring the new team :slight_smile: , we contributed on the Open Data index, advising the gov on some open data aspects and facilitating/organizing some workshops like the Diplohack.

This year we are looking to take part of the Open Data Day, keeping advising the gov on open data,organizing /facilitating some workshops and taking Morocco to the next level on the Open Data Index.

Let’s do amazing !


We Just relaunched the chapter last year, we were a little buy by hiring the new team :slight_smile: , we contributed on the Open Data index, advising the gov on some open data aspects and facilitating/organizing some workshops like the Diplohack.

This year we are looking to take part of the Open Data Day, keeping advising the gov on open data, organizing /facilitating some workshops and taking Morocco to the next level on the Open Data Index.

do amazing and new!
www.Techriation.com Team