Hello, world! Greetings from the Swiss chapter


I’ve been fortunate to get to support a remarkable group of activists volunteering for Open Knowledge in and around the Swiss Alps over the past four years. Besides hosting OKCon in 2013 we have been involved with most Working Groups and even played a role in starting one.

Swiss-based open knowledge activists are engaged in international outreach through Global Open Data Index, School of Data, CKAN, Open Spending, OpenCorporates, Open Data Handbooks, Frictionless Data / @okfnlabs, among others, and with many of you individually. We have had a number of notable appearances at our yearly conference of network reps including @rufuspollock @ddie @kalte2707 and most recently @pavel_richter. Oh, and we also love to run (in) hackathons.

We will start moving threads here from our old forums; looking forward to lots of feedback and questions from the community! I have not been very good at keeping our English blog active, so will try to make up for the quiet of the past few months here.

To kick things off here: what initiatives do you have in your country that we should get people in CH aware of and involved in, and how do you think the Swiss chapter could play a role in all the work ahead for Open Knowledge in 2016?