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This year, chapter reps of the Open Knowledge Network are our guests: taking part in today’s Forum, and engaging in well facilitated workshops. For the past 48 hours, we engaged in debate to update our strategies, resume and start cooperations across the local Chapters and Groups, experiment with better ways to connect with the Open Knowledge Foundation and support our core projects.

One of the outcomes should be help to reconnect our digital spaces, fragmented by the many attacks on freedom of expression: from the inconvenience of changing online platforms, to the muffling effects of social pressure, shifting priorities, and personal unease during times of Pandemics and Wars. To that end, I would like to propose to merge the documentary activities in the Swiss chapter with others here. We could federate a bridge between our Discourse instances, or merge/archive/redirect as necessary. Running a Mastodon server or using Matrix more consequently could also be part of this. Any suggestions about how to do this welcome.

First of all, I would like to resume my posts on this forum, see links to conversations in other spaces, like the Matrix channels. Please expect a post here and on the blog about our week of activities that brought our local community together, and let’s reconnect not just this Alpine island, but the whole open knowledge world. We will have another interesting week of global actions next week - more on that soon.

For now please enjoy this perfect Stimmungsbild by Janne from the Finland chapter - a generative rendering of the Baroque room at Karla der Grosse in Zürich, which hosted our sessions on legal and political topics today:

Image by Janne Peltola ++ Midjourney - CC0

Photo by Oleg Lavrovsky ++ Fairphone - CC0

Notes and threads to leaf through and ask us about: