How can we publish more diverse blogs?

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I was thinking about our new network guidelines, which ask groups to write timely blog posts. My questions is, how are we going to have a more informed network? In other words, how are we going to write more blogs so we will have more ideas about what’s going on in the wider open data community?

As someone who still volunteer in here home country, I know how hard it is to take the time and write something in English, so @pavel suggested that people can write in their native language and we will translate it to English. Is this enough? What can we do better to hear your voice?


Yeah!! this sounds a good step. Doing a translation and correction will definitely work.

Do we have a cross-post policy? Because lots of our materials is already available on numerous blog such as:

I can go on for a while :smile:.

I barely have time to write stuff for my own page but I write in English because it is kind of Universal. It is also a chance to practice my English skills. I understand your point though, and writing in your native language is potentially better to get your own people involved, but I always back down a bit when I hear/read “translations”.

Those tools rarely work properly. How would you work on the translation thing?

Can you define what you mean by cross posting policy, because I don’t think we have one. :slight_smile:

So, suppose to have - but a lot of the blogs there are not in English, and Google translate is not doing a good job in translating some of the content and I think that the OKI blog get a lot more visitors…

We were thinking about an actual translation service, meaning translations by humans, not applications…

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I see. That is interesting but… Would we have enough volunteers to do it? Or you mean service, as in, pay for the service?

paid translation, if volunteers don’t have time to write, I assume they dont have time to translate

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Hi more, what we are planning to do at the OK Edu group is to start working with the national chapters to manage to post the members publications in their preferred languages while Paul and I deal with the translated - proofread - edited versions in english for our blog so people can read both in english or in their preferred language



I just now have found the planet. When I want to reach a bigger audience I try to write directly in English (see Panama Papers: a case for reproducible research, data activism and frictionless data) and then I try to spread the word in several networks/communities: OKFN, the local hackerspace in Bogotá, the community of Open Data Colombia, and some practicioners in smaller communities I know could be interested.

But may be we could try some kind of federation based on RSS and tags, yes, a planet! :stuck_out_tongue: with more explicit instructions in their about page or other places like this about how to get your post visible there and eventually translated to English (would be nice a translate from English to Local Lang service also that works the other way around). So what about to define a tag like okfn planet to add to the blog post you would like to be listed in the OKFN planet site? (I just found a blog post also related with Panama Papers, in the planet a language I don’t understand, so yes, discoverability and translation are important issues in looking for a more diverse community.)



Why scatter volunteer forces in translation. The okfn already uses transifex community for the CKAN project and also have the WPML plugins (minimaly) implanted. My experience with transifex indicates that what is problematic is not the answer for volunteer translators but that of reviewers and approvers availability …

Using WPML in WordPress web site (planet or other) permit to volonteer forces to give contribution for the curation. Some RSS feed integrator and other tools will be valuable. also translate *.po files of OKFN themes.

CC @loleg @mor

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