Help translating social media about GODI



Hello, everyone!

We’re preparing all the social media for the launch of the 2016 Index and we’d like to reach as many people as possible in as many languages as possible. To do this, we want to tweet about the Index in many languages and it would be fantastic if the community could help us translate a few tweets into many languages.
If you are interested, please just respond to this thread with the language you can help us with, so I can contact you and give you access to the document where we’re doing this.

Thank you so much!



Tagging people who might be able to help! @gr33ndata @mhkhani @samgta @sam_azl @anastasia @Wagner_Faria_de_Oliv


Hi, I can translate with traditional Chinese language.


I’m ready to translate!
persian; فارسی!


Thank you, I am happy to help with French

Do you also planned to share PR in advance so that we can translate and
localize for our own country?

Ccying OKFrance members



I can help with portuguese!


I am in and will be translating it into Nepali.



Hi, @pzwsk!

Thanks for helping out!

We did not plan on writing a PR since in the past it didn’t help to get much global media attention. However, I am willing to write one in English if others think it will serve them locally, so let me know!

We did write a blog post announcement about the launch, and now that the OKI blog supports multiple languages, we can put them out to translation too! Would that be something you would like to translate as well?


I will translate it into Korean.



Each year, we adapt the global PR to the local context, we keep some parts from the English version. So that will be useful for us


Hey @Mor,

Are you referring to this blogpost ? (an update and the road ahead)
We can consider a localisation to inform on the process and methodology used.

I would also be in favor of a PR in English we can translate, especially if this year a report will be published, that would be nice to have your highlights and/or top findings as a base we can start with to communicate the results of the Index. We’ll add more specific details with the local context, but it’s always good to have the global overview and direction I guess.


Hi @CecileLG!

No, I am not referring to that blog post, but to something that would look like this

We also made this insights doc that might be useful to translate?

If you want to have a look at the blog draft to see if that would be sufficient as a PR, ping me!


I am interested for french for Québec. I inform also @samgta.

I will used the @okfnca.



@Mor, sounds great, would love to have a look at the insights doc and blog draft that will look like the one you mentioned !


May I suggest to emphasize in the communication that the index is not final, and input is still wanted ? Belgium (and I assume other countries as well) has already commented / provided additional information in the community forum in the past few weeks, which have not been answered or corrected in the index (yes, I know and understand that the volunteers were very busy, but it may not be that obvious for people not involved in the community). Thanks.


It is already there in the launch blog :slight_smile:


Hi Eric, can you DM me an email to give you access to the document?

When will the GODI 2016 Survey officially conclude?

Thanks so much Pierre, can you DM me an email to give you access?


Thanks so much Haklae! Can you DM me an email so I can share the doc with you?