How to use this forum

Welcome to the OpenSpending Discuss Forum, the place for community conversations around OpenSpending. This is a place for both tech and non-tech topics.

How do you register on the Forum?

You either received an invite link from us in your inbox, or were directed to this page. Complete the registration by signing up.

How to keep track of the activity on the Forum?

In order to receive updates from the OpenSpending Forum, go to OpenSpending - Open Knowledge Forums, click the dropdown menu on the top-right side and select the desired option:

How to start a New Topic?

You can either email, and the contents will be automatically posted to OpenSpending - Open Knowledge Forums as a “New Topic,” or, you can click “New Topic” as highlighted below. In the left side you can add your text, while on the right side you will see a preview of your post.

How do you use OpenSpending Discuss Forum in “Mailing List” mode?

Access“Add_Your_Username_Here”/preferences and scroll down for “Mailing list mode,” where you can either enable or disable the option and select your preferences. Don’t forget to save your changes (scroll down all the way to the bottom).

Take full advantage of the OpenSpending Discuss Forum:

  • Easily track discussions through history regarding OpenSpending
  • Easily join other discussions
  • Start a new topic to inform or survey the community
  • Create polls, see how here
  • Make Wiki posts (other people can edit). See how here
  • Edit your posts

For questions, OpenSpending team is available via OpenSpending discussion forum, on in the OpenSpending chat room, or on the OpenSpending issue tracker.

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