When is next OpenSpending Community Hangout and Tech Update?


I’m wondering when we might have the next community hangout - AFAIK the last one was in September.

Also could we get some update on the progress with the tech roadmap and what’s planned next (and how one can contribute):


Much appreciated :smile:


I’m very keen for one soon - we’re shipping OpenEconomy real soon now and
need to make decisions about how much (if any) OS infrastructure we’re
using in the initial deployment.


@stevage great - i know a lot of the infrastructure is getting reasonably mature.

From my end useful to know stuff like:

  • Have you been using the DataPackage.json
  • Have you check out the visualization app or been following any of that work?

/cc @akariv @pwalsh @danfowler @CecileLG


Well, I’m very keen that our data will be stored as FDPs. My tentative thinking is:

  • store data as FDPs on some data store (maybe even Github), with CSV files in data/ subdir. (Assuming that OS infrastructure isn’t ready to host new files yet)
  • if there is a JS library to load and parse the FDPs use that, otherwise write something.
  • hopefully switch over to OS tools/infrastructure when they’re ready.

Not sure which vis app you mean - this? Or os-viewer or spendb.ui? Not sure how those bits fit in.


Hey @stevage

The OS Datastore is actually operational, and we’ve currently got around 1200 datasets there at present (existing OS database migrated to FDP). As well as the app in js for modeling data, we have a CLI in Python that you can use to validate and push data to the datastore.

Additionally, once data is pushed to the datastore, it triggers a job to load it into a database and generate an API for the data.

I’m starting on documntation for this now, and @akariv is leading (Adam is the current Technical Lead for OpenSpending). So, while we are breaking things, and are lacking good documentation, we will dedicate time to you to help you get the data access you require.


@pwalsh this sounds brilliant! /cc @akariv

I had been looking at http://data.openspending.org/ and hadn’t spotted any new datasets. Are we using this s3 bucket going forward? If not where is the new location and what is its structure?

Really excited to see all these developments :slight_smile:


Hey @stevage

Did you see the update I published a few days back?

Let me know if/how I can help you. Thinking are starting to really come together here and I’d like to get your data into OS as one of the first alpha tests.