Introducing Danny Lämmerhirt - our new global open data index research lead!

Hello all!

I am excited to introduce Danny Lämmerhirt to you all!

@dannylammerhirt has been a part of the OK research team for the last six months, and he will take over from me over the research lead of the index (don’t worry, I am not going anywhere and will still work with the Index community).

Danny has started to do an amazing job identifying the Index weakness and issues, and he is working in the next month on revising the whole methodology. Danny will ask this forum some questions and will share a draft of the methodology when it’s ready. He already read all of the messages about the index in this forum, so your input is already there!

Feel free to ask or raise concerns about the Global Open Data Index on this thread (or just welcome him).

Good luck Danny!


Thank you @Mor for the introduction. It’s great to be part of the Global Open Data Index community!

As Mor said, I’ll most probably post some questions in the coming days about the index methodology and am excited to hear your feedback - but more to follow soon!


Welcome! Great to know that the Index team is reinforced

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Hi Danny, welcome!
The index is very important for us in Argentina, it’s being taken by the National Minister of Modernization as their metric of success. They are aiming for a top-ten positon (from our current rank 54).
So please bear in mind that the good parts are good. The interface for editors could be improved, but I don’t think that’s exactly your focus.
The city index is also of relevance for the cities that are aware of it, so that’s something to continue to build upon.

All the best.


Hi Martín,

at the moment we are looking over the questions for submitters and try to improve and clarify ambiguous points and potential biases in some of them. So we hope to keep the good elements and make improvements where necessary. :slight_smile: I will keep you all posted about our ideas in the coming days.

Interesting point - which improvements do you see for the editor interface?

All the best

Hello, Danny. Welcome!

I can say the Index is also really important to Brazil. We considered using it as the official key performance indicator for open data in the Digital Governance Strategy, but ended up using the Open Data Barometer, as that does measure not only data availability, but also impact and engagement. Even so, rest assured that performance on the Open Data Index is closely watched by those who implement open data policies in Brazil.

I’d like to try and mobilize some people here for a sprint to do the cities Index some time, as those are quite lacking yet in Brazil.

On the Global Open Data Index, what I’d like to see is some more stable methodology in order to allow comparisons of progress from one year to the next. I understand you may want to change the methodology again but, if that’s the case, I hope you have a goal of making the new methodology more permanent so at least in 2018 we can look forward to some more accurate metrics of progress from one year to the next.

Best regards,
Augusto Herrmann

Hi Danny! When will the next round of ODI consultation start and end? :slight_smile:

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