Is TimeMapper still being developped?

I found some weeks ago this app and it fits some of my projects
I would like some more options, such as localization in french for the dates, the possibility to have the map fixed on some country, and not each time you load it the all world, or some design options of the markers on the map
I’m just a genealogist trying to figure out a way to show graphically datas and have no competence in coding
I’m a little worried about putting time in running my datas in this app, as it seems there is not a lot of developpers around it at the time.

Here is the project I am working on at the moment

Thanks for your help
Brigitte aka @chroniques92


Hello @chroniques92 thanks for raising this! TimeMapper, like other Open Knowledge Labs projects, is intended to “community-supported”. I and colleagues will do our best to keep the service running, but you have correctly identified that we currently have no full-time developers to advance this project. Because of its popularity, I’m really interested in figuring out a sustainable way to support this app and feedback like this will help in that mission!

I’ve added your issues below to pick up for future development work on the project.

Could you explain more about the “design options of the markers” request so I can make a new issue for that?

Thanks for the answer
what I mean with “design option” is that I would like to be able to point
the location with another design - ie a circle, or another color than just
different shades of blue. On the Google maps, you can have different
pointers, and change the color of the pointers.
Right now, this app is really great, and I know more people working on
WOrld War I history beginning to use it
Thanks again

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Thanks again. I’ve recorded that issue as well:

I get that TimeMapper is not being actively developed, but is there interest in keeping it running? The embed button no longer works, for example. I’m trying to figure out if this tool is stable enough to use for a course project I’m planning.