"#Israel published its first open license today based on #opendefinition."

What does that tweet even mean?

I tried to get some attention to the open definition, thats all


Thanks for doing so and apologies for snippy text!

What I even :slight_smile: meant to say, something like: do we know this new license is actually open definition conformant? “Based on” isn’t super clear. I’d rather entities making up licenses go through our process before OK congratulates them.

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It is! I actually helped (and trolled) the government about it, and I read it, and it is conformant. We are working on getting Israel on Open License for a year now, so this is really exciting, and every good word help the government to be more cooperative.

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It is disappointing that more work is not done to persuade governments of the use and benefits of CC licences, for example, or other currently drafted open licences, rather than build (or support the building of) yet more derivative, jurisdiction specific licences.

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