Join the openlaws workshop in London on Sept 29, 2015

Who: Everybody interested in better access to legal information
When: 29.09.2015 | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Where: London School of Economics and Political Science LSE BOX
5th Floor, LSE Tower 3
Clements Inn
London WC2A 2AZ
How to reach BOX:
Cost: Free as a beer!
Results: Free as speech!
Registration: Please send an e-mail to:


What is
The concept of the EU Project is to bring stakeholders in the area of legal information together in order to provide better access to justice in the EU and its Member States. An open collaboration between public bodies, legal professionals, businesses, citizens, publishers, universities and NGOs may lead to an entirely new environment for providing, accessing and understanding legal information. Open data and open source software support this trend.
The workshop will not only focus on presentations by domain experts, but will also foster discussion between them. The aim is to create a vision about what “Big Open Legal Data” can do in the future. The outcome of the workshop will become part of the “BOLD Vision” deliverable.

Hope to see you there! Please spread the word and share!

Best, Clemens