Open Knowledge Meetup in Paris September 2015 - Planning


Planning is done and topic is CLOSED. Please meetup topic page.

I’m going to be in Paris week of 21st of September and would love to organize a local Open Knowledge meetup on the evening of Thursday 24th September.

A natural focus would be the 2015 Open Data Index whose Census phase is happening right now.

I’m in town for the Research Data Alliance plenary and lots of interesting open science and open research people will be around.

On the Thursday I’ll be at the RDA event which is located here:

Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (Cnam)
292 Rue Saint-Martin 75003 Paris

Is there anywhere nearby we could get a space? I can boot the event once we have a location :slight_smile:


/cc @RouxRC @samgta @CecileLG @pzwsk - let me know your thoughts. It would be lovely to see folks in person and organize a meetup.


Brillant idea! Yes I can be there that evening and would love to have a chance to finally meet you all. Next to the CNAM, there’s the Anti Cafe who can provide a meeting space until 10 pm, or NUMA(?) (I know they host hack/hackers sometimes but don’t know the exact conditions) - What do you say?


@CecileLG I think space new to CNAM sounds great and is probably the best option - 10pm is plenty late (i imagine 6pm-9pm is probably optimal).

Would you be able to quickly see if they can host us?


@rufuspollock Anti Cafe is booked unfortunately, just got the confirmation. @pzwsk or anyone else, do you have any contact at NUMA to ask for a (small) space for that time slot? Poke @sylvia_fredriksson


Hi ! i will call @_ahtan from Numa. I can also try other options like Mozilla. I let you know ASAP. Best.


@sylvia_fredriksson COOL! Well any option close to the Cnam would be acceptable. Otherwise let’s just invade a cafe nearby (maybe the NOMA - Nord Marais - can let a few tables in a corner for us ) I was also wondering if we could just show up at the Gaite Lyrique and sit at their coffee / meeting room…


Hello Paul, Rufus founder de Open Knowledge Foundation sera à Paris jeudi
24 et cherche un endroit pour un meetup improvisé entre 18h et 21h.
Possible chez vous ?

Rufus, Cecile, Paul works at NUMA and is a member of Open Knowledge France.




Also have pinged conference organizers and it is looking good that we may have a space at CNAM via the conference organizers - in which case we may not need NUMA (but definitely worth asking in case).


Hi Everybody, Officience ( via / Duc Ha Duong ) is ok to welcome us in case we need. It’s 36 rue du Caire 75002 Paris.


Just sent a ping to Regards Citoyens friends at their IRC channel. :slight_smile:


@rufuspollock @CecileLG I have just received an answer from Numa. Numa is also ok to welcome us for the meeting, in case we need (39 Rue du Caire, 75002 Paris)


@sylvia_fredriksson this is amazing - thank-you. My guess is that NUMA is slightly better space and convenience wise? Can they accommodate us in the main room or where? Are you happy to confirm with them - if you think they are also the best choice.

In terms of timing I think aiming for 6:30pm-8:30pm is probably right.


@sylvia_fredriksson do you have confirmation from NUMA?


This is now confirmed. I will now archive this topic and create a new topic just for the event.

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