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Open Knowledge Pakistan has recently launched - Online database of Federal and Provincial Departments, Agencies and Public Bodies in Pakistan. We have so far added contact details of 711 Government Organizations including:-

279 - Federal Government,
44 - Islamabad Capital Territory,
388 - Punjab Government

During the process, we searched for following information in respect of every organization and added the available data.

  1. Name of Organization
  2. Type of Organization
  3. Parent Department
  4. Main Address
  5. Contact Nos.
  6. Fax Nos.
  7. Website
  8. Email Address
  9. Wikipedia Page
  10. Brief
  11. Facebook Page
  12. Twitter Profile
  13. Contact List

This is an ongoing project and we will continue adding more organizations in future.


Congratulations! It looks really good.

How about adding the Pakistan data to the central as well? The schema is a little different, but I suppose enough attributes can be mapped for this to be viable.

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Hey @herrmann , I earlier posted in Open Knowledge Labs category inquiring about the team behind so that I can share the data with them but received no response.

Well, I will look into myself and will upload the Pakistan related data.

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Sorry I didn’t see that topic before - in fact I just started using Discuss a few days ago and it’s likely that many people still didn’t move here from the mailing list. But I’ve replied to you there as well.

Seeing that the schema you use is a little different, if you have any suggestions for improving the schema, please include them in an issue in Github so it can be discussed and ultimately improved.

Thanks for taking the effort to do and share this. May I ask what is the source of this data? Is this based on open data the government of Pakistan already makes available?

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Well, Government of Pakistan is not that much active with regards to Open Data therefore Open Knowledge Pakistan’s team members took the lead and did the effort to collect and verify data at their own from all the available resources.

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Wow @nouman_nazim the project looks really cool, Congratulation to the whole team for the successful launch. We from Open Knowledge Nepal will also be launching the same kinds of project very soon, If I found some difficulties or got stuck at some point, will sure contact you for an help.


Thanks for the positive response. Feel free to catch me if I kind be of any help.


Did you wrote or make any kinds of documents for this project @nouman_nazim like: proposal, guide, work-flow diagram or any others, if yes please help me by sharing those things, it will be helpful for me to understand the project more detailey and if possible can you point me to the source code of that website.

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Well, here is our work flow:-

i) We created a spreadsheet on Google Docs and started collecting data on the labels mentioned in the subject post.
ii) We developed our online platform on Wordpress using Twenty Fifteen theme and applied some tweaks as per requirements.
iii) We saved all the data from Spreadsheet as CSV files and imported the same on our platform using: “WP Ultimate CSV Importer” plugin in custom fields.
iv) Other Wordpress plugins we are using are:- Post Types Order, Relevanssi, Yoast SEO, Disable Comments


@nouman_nazim can you share source code for this? I think it looks quite beautiful with a nicer UX than the CSVs at Can you please do a PR of your CSV to ? :smile:


@nouman_nazim I’m helping to revive work on and wanted to ping you again to see if you would share your data with the project. I noticed your has gone offline and wanted to offer my assistance in preserving your hard work.


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Hi @todrobbins, Thanks for starting the thread once again. I almost forget, we also collected some PublicBodies Data years ago during Open Data Day. Would love to integrate those data at, Should I push those data directly at GitHub or what??

And a year ago I also discuss some topic at Need Information regarding Public Bodies Project, would love to start that work once again. That time my plan was to have seprate domain for Nepal “ or”.


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Hi @nouman_nazim what happened to ? Is the intention to get it up and running again?

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