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Welcome to the Open Knowledge Pakistan discussion group. Here we discuss local issues, events, ideas and projects besides ways and means by which we can improve the functioning of Open Knowledge Pakistan.

Major aim of Open Knowledge Pakistan is to bring together members of Open Knowledge to advance and promote the general purpose and guiding principles of Open Knowledge by serving the interests of the global community through a local presence. We, at Open Knowledge Pakistan, undertake a variety of programs and activities including Educational events, Community programmes, Networking events, and Public policy programs.

We believe Open Data lets us achieve what we could normally never be able to and it has the potential to positively change millions of lives. Get started with us, start posting your ideas and queries at discussion list.


Thanks for creating the Pakistan Category. Well, I am not able to edit this post maybe due to privileges. Kindly look into the matter and let me know about further details. Moreover, kindly assign Local Group Coordinator as well as OK Pakistan Badges to my profile.


I don’t know how to add you as the topic creator. May someone help us, please? (cc @nealbastek @Stephen)


Hi @nouman_nazim, I have made you the owner of this topic. Let me know if that works for you.


Thanks @Stephen and @everton137. I have edited the post as per need. Next question in my mind is how I can add top banner having OK Pakistan logo and one line welcome message as visible on other local categories. Also how I can bulk invite the OK Pakistan members here via their email addresses?


@nouman_nazim if you go to https://discuss.okfn.org/c/local-groups/okpk do you see an Edit button?

If so, click it and go to the Images tab where you can upload your logo (I’ve added one as a placeholder). As soon as an image is there, the first sentence from your About topic is also added.

Bulk invitation information is available but you may need help from an Admin to submit the data. Let me know if I can help.


Hello @Stephen, thanks for the detailed reply. Here is the screenshot of group which I am seeing and there is no EDIT button.

Kindly look into the matter.


OK. I’ll look into what permission you need. In the meantime if you send a small icon (the current one is 80 × 80) then I can add that for you.


Here you go


@nouman_nazim I’ve made you a moderator. Try now.


Well, I am now able to edit the posts as well as delete them but still I am not able to edit the “Pakistan” category.


OK. I’ve made you Trust level 2. If that doesn’t work @nealbastek I’ll need help working out what is the magic setting is to allow @nouman_nazim to edit the category.


To no effect.


@Stephen how did you change the topic owner?



Aha! I don’t see this, even as an admin. :slight_smile:


Your rights:

My rights:

Not sure why I’m special.


I’m coming. P. S. we should clean this topic. :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed this topic should be cleaned once access is sorted. You may delete all my posts.


I am still not able to edit the category.