Let's create a knowledge base for machine-readable formats + open file formats

Dear all,

we recently created a document to collect different file formats for different data types. The document serves to discuss and understand in which cases these formats can be considered machine-readable formats and open formats. We feel that such a document is currently missing and that it could provide an excellent venue for discussion and bring clarity in some edge cases.

Our goal is to create a public knowledge base that we could ideally integrate into documents like the open data handbook. In the past we have seen that a lot of users struggle with very topic-specific file formats - especially for geographic data. The goal is to shed light on these special cases and to use these insights for our reviews of the Global and Local Open Data Indexes.

You can find the list [here] (Machine-readable and open file formats - Google Docs). The list is work in progress and we wish to update it continuously.

We are very much looking forward to your feedback (particularly flagging this to @carlos_iglesias_moro and @timdavies).


Are you familiar with the work being done via PRONOM, COPTR, JHOVE, or Archive Team’s File Formats project.

See also: http://www.digipres.org/