License compatibility as imperative?

While I suspect that most readers here will sympathize with the sentiment (less licenses would be more), I for one would find requiring CC BY 4.0 compatibility a mistake, Maintenance and future of the Open Data Commons licences - #31 by SimonPoole to avoid repeating myself.

It -is- a licence that is perfectly fine for data that you want to stop disappearing in to proprietary silos and remaining open, something I can completely sympathize with. But many data sources simply want some liability protection and attribution, are completely OK with proprietary use of their content. and then CC BY 4.0 is the wrong choice. The quagmire right now is that there is no popular licence that actually fulfills this role (the ODC-By would be the obvious choice, but given the unfixed problems with the text it is essentially dead).

Note: the OGL-UK-3.0 clearly is a permissive licence and has nearly no restrictions on reuse, it isn’t a surprise that so licensed data can be included in CC BY 4.0, though it is nice to explicitly state it.