Local Groups pilot


A recent Discourse update has given us a more ideal solution here for creating and managing local groups and awarding members badges.

I’ve updated all of the current groups and badge scripts to reflect this new functionality. It should be much more reliable than what we’ve done in the past.

Here is the new process:

  1. Request that a Discourse group and corresponding badge be set up for your Local Group. This must be done by someone with moderator or admin privileges.
  2. Designate one or more ‘owners’ of group. These owners will be able to manage the group settings and add/remove members.
  3. As owners add users to their group, new members will automatically receive the group badge (this script runs once a day, so badging will take up to 24 hours).

That’s it!

This only establishes the group, badging, and the ability for a local group designee to manage the group. You will still need to create a sub-category in the local groups section for your group to have a public presence in the forum: https://discuss.okfn.org/c/local-groups

To recap a bit:

  1. the Discourse group gives local coordinators the ability to manage group membership on the Discuss forum. (We expect that this functionality will mature as Discourse improves it product.)
  2. the badge gives individual members of your group public recognition for being in a given local group/chapter.
  3. the category listing in the Local Groups section of the forum gives your group a place to host conversations.


@everton137 @nikeshbalami @Stephen Hello, Mattias here from OKSE. I never got the local group privilege or someone removed it. Could I please have it again so I can invite our community members? I also need to organize for the Sweden local group and project groups to offer support here. :slight_smile:

Edit: now have it. But I think we should keep iterating on how we pilot the dev of local groups communities.


I will review your tests and suggestions, “watching” your progress carefully, and reporting mine :wink:

For now, I make individual invitations :older_woman:

from :