Creating sub-categories at OKI Discuss in our local languages/groups

Dear all, I’d like to propose we create sub-categories for our local groups category at Discuss. In a similar movement, I’ve already created a sub-category, Gastos Abertos, bellow Open Spending category, for discussions in Portuguese about Open Spending like projects.

My questions are: should we created subcategories per language or local group? How can we better organize ourselves?

For instance, I want create a Open Knowledge Brazil space at OKI Discuss to aliviate the emails traffic from our chapter mailing list. At the same time, I’d like to collaborate with Portuguese speakers collaborators.

What do you think?

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Here’s a practical example.

This is definitely our intention Tom, thanks for taking the initiative.

As part of our directory project we are working out a process to move local (and working) groups to this forum, in particular 1. establishing a subcategory/thread here for each group 2. group functionality so group moderators have some capabilities for messaging and otherwise managing members of their group and 3. badging functionality for group members so they can be recognized and discovered within the network.

We will be ready to test a couple pilot groups next week and I’d love to have the Brazilian chapter be a part of that. If any other groups are interested please leave a message in this thread or contact me directly.

You can see a bit more about the directory project here: Creating an Open Knowledge Community Directory - #14 by danfowler

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Great, @nealbastest. I’ve shared already this at our chapter mailing list.

@nealbastek I’m definitely interested in bringing Open Knowledge Korea community to this forum, even though there are some language barriers for people in Korea.

Done. May someone, please, contact Kim Haklae to let him know that Open Knowledge South Korea page is out of date and is broken?

@jgkim about the language barrier, I think your community should feel free to write in your own language! At Open Knowledge Brazil spaces we’ll discuss in Portuguese.

@everton137 Thank you for creating the category. Haklae already know the fact those are broken and out of date. Actually, all the work that had been done by OKF Korea is currently not maintained. Those have been out of running for more than a year. I hope I can help out to revive the community in Korea.

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@nealbastek, do you know what happened to the South Korean category?

Not sure what happened to the category @everton137 , I see it here: South Korea - Open Knowledge Forums

@jgkim, I’ve granted you moderator priviliges and you should be able to edit that welcome text now.

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For some period of time this category just disappeared.

Hello All, I am trying to create a new sub-categories for Nepal under Local Group so that we can discuss everything about Open Knowledge Nepal on here from now onwards but I was unable to figure out the process to create new categories on the discussion list. Is anybody interested to guide me.

@nikeshbalami, done.

Thank you @everton137

Thank you, @nealbastek.

@nealbastek Can you create Local Groups Sweden-category? I can’t choose that when editing Sweden-topic.

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Kindly create the “Pakistan” category in Local Groups.



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We have some issues to maintain our local server. Now, all of our local projects including are working properly. I will also participate in this forum actively.

Talk soon,


@Haklae_Kim, It’s great to hear that the server is working back.