London Meetup Apr 2016 - Pre Event Planning

Along with @JosephMcArthur and @nickmhalliday I am organizing an Open Knowledge Meetup in London on April 13th 2016. Full details in the event page:

Please register there!

This thread is for things like:

  • Discussion of logistics of the event
  • For requests to speak
  • Asking questions
  • Posting follow-up materials

@nickmhalliday @JosephMcArthur @Yeba let’s coordinate on this:

Planning doc

I’ve shared with you all the Meetup planning Google Doc - please let me know you got this.

Suggestions for speakers

If you have suggestions for potential speakers for April or later events please add them to the doc


We want to get the word out. Please tweet the event and also mail and lists of people you think would be interested. Esp for specific groups please add a note in the google doc so we know about contacting them in future (and how to contact them)

Coordination (and getting to know each other)

I suggest we do a short call (15m) soon to coordinate and get to know each other.

Would this Sunday evening e.g. 8pm UK work for people? If not, please indicate other times (late afternoon or evening preferably) that would work for you.

A call at 8 works fine here, will get on the rest of this asap!