Maintenance and future of the Open Data Commons licences


As a thought, that specific point sounds a bit weird. If some group independently makes a license and calls it (say) “ODbL v2.0”, wouldn’t they be be putting themselves in a bad position re: trademark law?


@justinclift It would be bad rep but the term ‘ODbl’ is not registered for trademark protection and nor should it be. (please @rufuspollock correct me if I’m wrong)

This is indeed a problem how do you protect the quality and avoid confusion (like ‘green’ and ‘open’ washing) . What we can do as a community is to make sure this does not happen and take action when it does happen. So please when in doubt point it out !


Looking at the Advisory Council, it looks like Mike Collinson should be changed to Simon Poole. Mike was chair of the OSMF LWG, and that’s now Simon.