Meetups around the world


I’m looking for folks who are interested in hosting semi regular meetups in their country/area to help bring CKAN developers and users together.

Existing groups include:

  1. The Technical team calls. Find details here:
  2. The Asia-Pacific CKAN meetup:

If you have a CKAN meetup or group to list please PM me :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea, even if I’m a bit afraid that there’re not that many folks in my country (i.e. Korea, Republic of) interested in developing and using CKAN. :slight_smile:


Yep - it can be a challenge :smile:

We’re lucky to have people from around Australia all in Sydney for a GovHack event next month, so a meetup there is something that has just emerged as an opportunity.

How this could work via is to simply get events associated with existing open data meetups (I’ve contacted the San Francisco meetup group about this - they have around 1,000 members). Even if there isn’t a large number of active contributors in a region we’d be able to have speakers join via Hangout to share their work and promote the project. Local Python meetups are also a great place to seed a CKAN focused event.

I’m happy to speak on behalf of the CKAN Association via Hangout at any event at any time. I’m also happy to share the CKAN deck with the info I normally present at 101 sessions.


Further to this - I’ve setup and Asia-Pacific CKAN meetup which people are free to join here:

The idea is that we can run this as a physical meetup via different primary hosts as people take on the initiative but generally always allow for people to join via video conferencing.

Hope to see people jump in and join the discussion when we next run this on the 17th of September :smile:

CKAN Asia-Pacific Meetups - Canberra | Online

We had our first Asia-Pacific CKAN meetup today.

Did you know the return trip from Perth in Western Australia via Canberra and then Brisbane is 9,259 Km?

Well, apparently it is, so our goal is to grow the loop of the meetup attendees from this immodest start :wink:

A blog post on should be up in the next day or so.



Blog post is up, but this is the killer presentation from Florian…