CKAN Community and Communications Team


For those who follow the CKAN mail lists - whether that be dev or users - you might recall I invited people to self nominate if they’d like to contribute to the Community and Communications Team (I’m the designated team lead ATM).

For those that put their hand up, we have been using a basecamp project to collaborate. But, there has been very little discussion - mostly just me posting things in an ever decreasing frequency :slight_smile:

With this discussion area setup I thought it would be good to canvas a wider group of people from within the OKFN network and seed ideas for growing the CKAN community here. The other benefit of using this public forum is that the discussion content will be indexed by search engines. This should attract more people into the discussion without the timeliness limitation that an email list creates, or the barrier of a closed discussion group.

Having said all that I’d first up like to ask who might be interested in learning more about CKAN, the Association, the release management ambitions, the ideas road-map and ‘all the things’?

If we don’t know the answers then we’ll want to find them and post them here. If there are gaps we discover then we can shift into a discussion about what we’d like to see and how we might get it done.

There is SO MUCH going on with CKAN globally it isn’t easy to be on top of everything. Lets help each other and continue to support the open data revolution - OKFN is on the front line for the global liberation of knowledge and CKAN is our most powerful ally.


HI Steve,
This does look like a more exposed venue. Hopefully we can up the conversations!


Yep - and on that point…

If anyone has a CKAN related topic they’d like to do a guest post on then please let me know via a PM. I’m working with a few groups/companies/people to generate interesting content for and am always keen to find more from the community to share.