Need Help With Dimension Mapping On Openspending



I am Adams Agalic, a member of the Code for Ghana team. On occasions, we work on data visualisation projects. Recently, our gov’t released the 2016 budget and I thought openspending will be the ideal tool for such work but it’s been such a pain mapping the dimensions. I’ll be very grateful if I can get help on how the openspending dimension mapping really works.

For eg. I took just a portion of the gov’t expenses and mapped it as follows:
amount -> Amount
from -> Revenues/Expenditure
to -> Operational Item
time -> Year
id -> id

but it wouldn’t work.


Can you talk a little about what you mean by “it wouldn’t work”? What you’ve done sounds very reasonable (except I would put Revenue/Expenditure in it’s own dimension), so it would be very helpful to know exactly where you’re stuck and whether there are any error messages.


Thanks @pudo for your quick response. What I mean is that after mapping and saving the dimensions, I don’t get a link to visit the dashboard as the tutorial screenshot shows below:
Tutorial Results:

My results: