New conditions to the index survey

Hello all,

Today we are adding another change to the Index - conditions. This has been raised by our community last year, and we decided to improve it for this year’s index. We expect that it will give more valid and reliable results.

This means that answers for some questions, such as ‘digital form’, might lead to conditions. For example, if it’s not in Digital form, it can’t be machine readable; therefore if the user answer NO to digital form, the question about machine readable will automatically appear as ‘NO’.

For the full set of conditions, see this google doc - Survey flow - Google Drawings

For any feedback or problems about the conditions, please use this thread.

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Why aren’t there separate Yes/No lines out of the “Is the data available online?” box?

If “No”, then no need to ask “machine readable?”. Or are you covering handing out CDs of data for free?

Data available with an open licence on DVDs is a realistic case - UK Ordnance Survey data was available as 10 DVDs (37GB) for those with UK-speed broadband links. (It was also available online). A charge strictly for physical media and distribution would also be compatible with the Open Definition.

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Can be bot available online, but machine readable.

And, yes, this does taking into consideration DVD or CD.

For example, we know that the Israeli treasury office has spending DATA in CSV files, but it is not online, data was available in paper. :-\ (outlier, but still a case).

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