New Discourse features - Custom emails and Mark as solved

There are some new features coming soon to Discourse that I think we should consider implementing in this forum…

Custom Emails lets you customise the email template used for certain events like “Account created”. Read more…

Mark as solved lets the original person who posed a question in a topic, mark a reply as answering the question. Read more…

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Cool, thanks for letting us know!

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@Stephen Do you have a particular use case for this?

When a user is created/blocked, when a backup fails/succeeds send a custom email message explaining the event.

When a user asks a question on the forum, provide them with the option to mark a reply as answering the question. The answer is highlighted so other viewers can quickly go to the answer rather than reading to whole topic. At present some moderators on the forum are closing the topic as a way to indicate the post has been answered. (see an example here).