New release of EVENTSKG dataset

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we are happy to announce the new release of EVENTSKG [1] 2018-11 dataset. The new release is based on based on the updated version of SEO ontology, as a reference ontology for event metadata representation, leading to richer and cleaner data. Currently, EVENTSKG contains 73 event series ( i.e. 75% additional event series) belonging to eight CS communities identified using ACM Computing Classification System: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Software and its engineering (SE), world wide Web (WEB), Security and privacy (SEC), Information systems (IS), Computer systems organization (CSO), Human-Centered Computing (HCC) and Theory of Computation (TOC) (two more communities have been added, i.e. HCC and TOC). Events are linked by research fields, hosting country, and publishers. The dataset is publicly available online [3,4] in three different formats (i.e. CSV, Turtle, JSON and RDF).

The dataset is also available on Datahub ( ).

[1] Fathalla, Said, and Christoph Lange. , EVENTSKG: A Knowledge Graph Representation for Top-Prestigious Computer Science Events Metadata." International Conference on Computational Collective Intelligence. Springer, Cham, 2018.


[3] EVENTSKG dataset

[4] GitHub - saidfathalla/EVENTSKG-Dataset

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Congratulations to you and the team, @saidfathalla! What a fascinating dataset!