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Some of you may be aware that there is currently an Open Banking Initiative [1] running in the UK. The initiative is a result of government reforms to encourage more openness in the sector [2]. Part of those reforms are a requirement to publish open data about branch locations, banking products, etc.

The initiative has recently begun to publish data under an “open licence” [3]. This has already prompted some public comment on whether the licence conforms to the open definition [4].

While I’m hopeful that the Open Banking initiative with both submit the licence for review here and listen to feedback, I thought I would proactively draw the group’s attention to the licence.

I’m not affiliated with the initiative, so am not asking for a formal review, but as this is a high profile initiative that might inform similar activities in other countries, I thought it worthwhile to encourage wider comment and collect feedback on the licence.

If anyone has thoughts on the licence that they’d like to share here, then I’m happy to collate them into some feedback to be shared with the initiative.




UK Open Banking Open Licence
UK Open Banking Open Licence

At first glance, looks correct to me. It very clearly does not conform to the Open Definition.

I’d suggest instead using an already approved licence, or if that is not possible, substantially editing to address concerns at link above, and preferably removing all terms-of-service-like elements (they have a separate API ToS, and removing such terms from the licence might clarify what they’re trying to do accomplish with the licence).


Agreed. It clearly does not conform in it’s current state.

Thanks @ldodds for bringing it to our attention.

Does anyone on the list have any connections with Open Banking Limited, or the working group? It might be helpful for them to be aware of the feedback this far, if they are not already aware.


Hi @herb_lainchbury :slight_smile:

we (ie the Open Data Institute) have passed comments through to Open Banking Limited but more feedback from different perspectives would always be useful. If people have time of course! The public contact points are and


Fantastic. Thanks Peter!


I’ve written up some of my own thoughts here: