UK Open Banking Open Licence

Excited to lots of open data coming out of the open banking initiative in the UK.

They also seem to have rolled their own license:


Some terms seem a bit concerning:

You must not:

(a) change the content of any Open Data;
(b) use or present the Open Data or any analysis of it in a way that is unfair or
misleading, for example comparisons must be based on objective criteria and not
be prejudiced by commercial interests; or
(c) Call any API, or use or present the Open Data, in any way or for any purpose which is in breach of any rights of any third party (including intellectual property rights) or of applicable law or regulation in the U

I think they are trying to do something re integrity (i.e. don’t change this and then pass it off as authoritative) rather than restrict reuse but i think this could be clarified.

Here was my write-up of the limitations of the licence




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Yeah, no. That’s a long way from an open licence. mapgubbins - Open banking: how not to write an open data licence

@ldodds thanks for the link and @mlinksva apologies for the duplicate (i did do a quick search but somehow missed Open Banking Licence).

I think we can mark this conversation closed in favour of the original: Open Banking Licence