Open Data Charter’s public consultation: Measurement Guide


This is a cross-post of @herrmann’s original post in the Policy and Research category.

Herrmann was spot on saying that “a recurring point in the community has been the overlap between the different measurement tools for open data: the Global Open Data Index, the Open Data Barometer, Open Data Watch, etc. They all measure different things, despite sharing some similarities. What are the most important things to measure and what for?”

Together with researchers from the Open Data Barometer (Web Foundation), Open Data Inventory (Open Data Watch), OURdata (OECD), and European Open Data Maturity Report (CapGemini & European Open Data Portal), we created a Measurement Guide for the Charter.

Our goals were to understand what aspects of the Open Data Charter can be measured, to create an inventory of existing open data indicators, and to spark a discussion in our community about existing measurements. We would love to hear the feedback from the GODI community:

Governments: Which indicators are most useful to assess your work on open data and why?
Members of civil society: In what ways do you find existing indicators useful to hold your government to account?
Researchers: Do you know measurements and assessments that are well-suited to understand the Charter commitments?

Please do reach out if you have any questions, either on this forum, via pm, or on Twitter using the hashtag #OpenDataMetrics.

You can find the Measurement Guide [here].(
We also provide a list of indicators (see here), as well as the raw data (see here).