Open Data Day - Brisbane - Fri 4 Mar 2016

We’re celebrating Open Data Day by making things with, or about, open data. We have two projects planned but you’re welcome to propose others.

Project 1: Open Data Induction Training Video

Budding story tellers, screen-writers, open data enthusiasts will be prototyping a 2 minute video for use in open data induction training. Providing open data induction training is a requirement to reach level 3 in the Open Data Expertise activity in the Open Data Maturity Model.

Stop-motion Lego anyone?

Project 2: Open Data Certificate Help

We’ll also be making help pages for the Australian version of open data certificates. As you try to earn an open data certificate for some data, we’ll capture questions and answers to create the help pages. We believe these help pages are a pre-requisite for moving to the launch of open data certificates in Australia.

Project 3: Your project?

We have space, wi-fi, whiteboards and small breakout rooms (4 people) for you to use. Please let us know in advance if you’re planning your own project so we can arrange the venue as needed.

Where and when?

Come along to our offices at 70-72 Bowen St Spring Hill between 2-5pm on Friday 4 March.

We’ll finish with some Pizza and drinks and show off what we’ve made.

Hope to see you at this free event.

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