Open Data Day: date for 2018?


we are planning a hackathon with a local authority in France and we wondering if we should align with Open Data Day.

Do we have any idea of when it will be in 2018?

That would be very helpful to plan things.

Thanks for any info


Anyone in the OKI team?

Thanks for checking in @samgta. We’ve just finalised the date and it will be on Saturday 3 March 2018.

We discussed and agreed on this date with the open data day community in the Open Data Day Google group.
We will update the website in the next few days.

I hope this fits your planning with the local authority in France?


Thanks a lot @sandervdwaal! We should be able to do something in the south of France on open data day, TBC but I’m confident.

I joined the Google Group which I did not about, thanks. Why not using this forum which I think is more convenient for sharing and discussing?

Sounds great @samgta!
The Google-group is a group that was started with others outside of the Open Knowledge Network who helped start the concept of ODD - which is why it’s still been the primary place for decisions around ODD. I agree though that this forum is great to use for sharing and discussing and as we start planning for ODD we will use this more.

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Great! I can now confirm we will host a hackathon for Open Data Day in a wonderful place in Ardèche.

We were wondering if the graphic charter will change for 2018. That information will be very useful in order start communicating about the event.