Open Data Handbook in Nepali


Hi Everyone,

I had open a Pull request to merge the Nepali localized version of Open Data Handbook. Please review and merge it.
Pull request:



10 Days and the pull request is still pending, Can someone help me with this right after this weekend. We are planning to launch the printed book here at Nepal next week and it will be awesome if we can get the online version up before the launch event. @danfowler @tlacoyodefrijol @sandervdwaal


Hi Nikesh, sorry for the delay in getting this up. There were issues with the build which had to be resolved, and this all took longer than expected.

The translation is now up - thanks again for providing it!


Checking it again in preparation for a tweet about it, I realised the introduction is there, but not all the chapter. We’re looking into this and I’ll update you when I know more.


Thanks @sandervdwaal for looking in it @oscar told me about the issues and looks like it’s finally resolved. Oscar had removed others chapters, so let’s wait for him. I have kept the forked repo ready to submit a new pull request if necessary.