Notes on BLOOM, RAIL and openness of AI

Interesting note by @AlekTarkowski includes:

This suggests that further development of open licenses like the RAIL license would benefit from stronger community governance. In the open licensing space, there is a prior example of the Open Definition advisory council, a democratic, grassroots body that stewarded the definition. The body has been dormant for a long time and should possibly be re-instated. Its first, major goal would be to revisit the definition in light of emerging new trends in open licensing, signaled by the RAIL license or the new family of Can’t Be Evil licenses.

“Dormant” is correct. @AlekTarkowski are you interested in participting in its revival? :slight_smile:


(Dormant enough that I’m shocked my password manager has my account information for this site, but apparently I do!)

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Hi @mlinksva yes, I think we need a community body like this. I know too little about the Open Def advisory council to understand whether that particular body can be revived, or whether we need something new. Though I’m a fan of building on existing foundations.

By the way, I think that this is my first post here, so hello everyone!

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