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This is a space to share the latest research and reports relevant to the Open Education Community, if you have a report, a paper or a book you want to share with the community, please do it here so we will be able to have a single entry point for research.


Hi everyone
I’m Beck Pitt, a researcher from the OER Hub. We’ve just published a research paper “Personalising learning through adaptation: Evidence from a global survey of K-12 teachers’ perceptions of their use of open educational resources” that might be of interest. All feedback welcome!
Cheers, Beck


I think this book could be interesting for the community Open Educational Resources: Policy, Costs and Transformation

Direct download here


Hi there,

There are two new papers written by the OER Hub team in the latest edition of Open Praxis:

‘Women’s empowerment through openness: OER, OEP and the Sustainable Development Goals’ by Leigh-Anne Perryman and myself

and ‘A Framework for the Ethics of Open Education’ by Rob Farrow




Hi All

Some of you may be interested in the latest paper from the ROER4D ( project: “Dimensions of open research: critical reflections on openness in the ROER4D project”

We also have a blog looking at various topics related to our research on OER. You can find the latest post, which touches on the mentoring our project has received in evaluation and communications, here:



Hi all - you may be interested in a post by Rob Farrow of the OER Research Hub on The Open Research Agenda, a consultation exercise that is seeking to identify the key questions for Open Ed research. Rob outlines the data from the consultation so far which makes interesting reading.


Interesting paper: Bringing open educational practice to a research‑intensive university


New publication worth reading:

Open innovation, open science, open to the world: A vision for Europe
This book brings together some of the key conceptual insights behind Open Innovation, Open Science and Open to the World and highlights actions that are already taking place or are being prepared


We asked our community to recommend some readings about Open Education for the Summer, and here is the list :slight_smile:

Open Educational Resources: Policy, Costs and Transformation

A Basic Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER)

Case Studies on OER-based eLearning

Quality Assurance Guidelines for Open Educational Resources: TIPS Framework

Women and Leadership in Open and Distance Learning and Development.

Open Educational Resources: Innovation, Research and Practice

Notes from #OR2016 opening keynote - Laura Czerniewicz by David Kernohan

Online content creation: looking at students’ social media practices through a Connected Learning lens

Synergies, differences, and bridges between Networked Learning, Connected Learning, and Open Education (#NLbridge)

Choral Explanations and OER: A Summary of Thinking to Date

Collapsed publics: Orality, literacy, and vulnerability in academic Twitter

OER16 Reflections – The Last Post

The Open Flip – a digital economic model for education

Giving Knowledge for Free
Open Educational Resources: A Catalyst for Innovation:


Thanks to Katerina Zorou, please see below a list of papers from ALSIC journal on Social dynamics in open educational language practice

** these papers result from the EU-funded project LangOER. LangOER helds its final conference on 26 & 27 September 2016, in Brussels. More information:**

Jonathon Reinhardt
Commentary: Preparing teachers for open L2TL: Frameworks for critical awareness and transformation

Malgorzata Kurek
Addressing cultural diversity in preparing teachers for openness: culturally sensitive appropriation of open content

Teresa MacKinnon, Sarah Pasfield-Neofitou, Howard Manns et Scott Grant
A Meta-Analysis of Open Educational Communities of Practice and Sustainability in Higher Educational Policy

Shona Whyte
From “solitary thinkers” to “social actors”: OER in multilingual CALL teacher education

Carl Blyth et Amanda Dialler
Translingualism as an Open Educational Language Practice: Raising Critical Language Awareness on Facebook

Katerina Zourou
Social networking affordances for open educational language practice

Steven L. Thorne
Epilogue: Open Education, social practices, and ecologies of hope


Hi there

The OER Hub has recently released an open textbook version of their Open Research course! Hosted on Pressbooks, updated and including participant contributions and new activity commentary sections the textbook explores the nature of open research, how to conduct ethical open research, dissemination and reflecting in the open.

More here:

Beck Pitt


This is what I’m reading next, worth going on your Xmas tree:

Dreamweaving Open Education, edited by Shironica Karunanayaka and Som Naidu

Bea :slight_smile:


Hello friends,

Some of the PhD researchers members of the Global OER Graduate Network (GO-GN) gathered in Cape Town last week, just ahead of the OEGlobal conference. You can find out more about their research on our SlideShare account, following this link




I think this book could be interesting for the community Open Educational Resources: Policy, Costs and Transformation

Direct download here


Call for papers - Special collection: Open Education in Latin America - Journal of Interactive Media in Education

Last April representatives from 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean gathered in São Paulo to discuss the recommendations that would be put forward to the 2nd World OER Congress in relation to mainstreaming OER to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal on Quality Education. During the discussions that preceded these recommendations, it was noted that countries in Latin America are still in the early stages of adopting OER. This delayed uptake was firstly attributed to the lack of visibility of existing open education initiatives in the region. In this Special Collection the co-editors seek to highlight issues and challenges emerging from the effective implementation of OER policies, initiatives and projects in Latin America; and showcase research on the process of adoption and impact of the use of OER in educational settings in the region.

We invite contributions to JIME, for a special collection issue on open education in Latin America. Submissions to JIME should have a clear educational focus or application, and should illuminate the special contribution that digital media can make to learners’ knowledge, understanding or skill. Submissions are expected to advance knowledge in the field in some way, by developing theory, or critiquing existing work, or providing an analysis or framework for understanding empirical findings.

Different kinds of submissions will be judged by different criteria. Ideally, we are looking for integrated submissions that present the theoretical basis for a technology, its design process and implementation, its evaluation, and theoretical implications. However, one or more of these aspects may form the basis for a submission.

For this issue on Open Education in Latin America and the Caribbean, themes include but are not limited to:

  • Financing models for the effective implementation of OER policies and practices
  • Strategies for the adoption and sustainability of OER
  • Challenges for mainstreaming OER/OEP
  • Innovative technologies that promote and sustain OER/OEP
  • Overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers
  • Open pedagogy and approaches to teaching and learning based on openness.

Contributors should take account of JIME’s guidelines for submissions.

March 17th 2018: manuscripts due
Summer 2018: issue published

The co-editors will be:
Tel Amiel (
Beatriz de los Arcos (
Ismar Frango ( and
Virginia Rodés (


Folks, we are collecting OpenData Stories about education, please share yours


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