Open Data as Open Educational Resources

As Open Data is become a matter of interest for researchers and scholars, with some members of this group we have conducted some preliminary research regarding the potential of Open Data as teaching and learning resources to build bridges between research - policy - science and governance in academia.

@leohavemann and I edited a book which contains case studies from Italy, UK and Canada with a chapter written by @chiaracio & @luigi_reggi Open Data as Open Educational Resources: Case studies of emerging practice | Open Education Working Group and a paper, so if you are interested in sharing or gathering good practices please add your ideas and research here.


Some recent new research on this theme:

M Love, C Boisvert, E Uruchurtu, I Ibbotson, Nifty with Data: Can a Business Intelligence Analysis Sourced from Open Data form a Nifty Assignment?

Alexandru Coman, Alexandru Cîtea , Sabin C. Buraga, Towards Open Source/Data in the Context of Higher Education: Pragmatic Case Studies Deployed in Romania - (paywalled unfortunately)

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