Open Knowledge Estonia 1st year slides


Hi, everybody!

I’m Maarja-Leena and I’m one of the board members of Open Knowledge Estonia.

Already long time ago I was asked to post them here:

I presented them last year around September …

More about Estonian group.

At the moment we mostly are active in Github.
We have Open Data Issue tracker there: This helps us to organize chaos in Estonian Open Data field. We have high hopes that finally we will get the index done this year. Yei.

Also board tracks some things in Estonian-English mixed stuff - more log of activities than communication channel.
For everyday conversations we use Slack (ping me and I’ll add) and poping up Skype chats.

If last year it was mostly getting things moving, then this year it’s more about community building. General meeting will come in June - we’ll see then.

Until that, we are launching our first project - 3 years of administrating Estonian Open Data Portal - Like you all can see - a lot of work needs to be done there. If you got interested, then just post in Github to the issue tracker mentioned earlier or contact me.

That is generally it. Just ping me in Skype maarja-leena or in Github @infokujur and I’ll try to get more active here also.

And greetings for everybody again!



Thank-you @maarja-leena :smile: