Health Hack 23-25 Oct 2015 - Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane | Perth

A datahack for medical research problems

What is HealthHack?
HealthHack is a weekend data hack dedicated to problems that medical researchers face. Scientists often create vast amounts of data, but don’t always have good ways to analyse, visualise and communicate it. This weekend will bring together software developers, user experience designers, data analysts and visualisers working directly with researchers to create new, better tools.

How can I participate?
Are you a software developer, data analyst, user experience designer, data journalist, or just generally awesome? Register now!

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Doh, I’ll keep an eye out for something like this in Adelaide. I’ve been noodling around with 3D scan data, and this would be a good venue to discover what people needed from it.

HealthHack is on this weekend. Follow our progress on Twitter via #HealthHack or @OKFNau or go to your favourite city: