Open washing session


Notes for open washing


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Open washing providing selective information.
Think about actual examples where this open washing resonates with you ? for whom? Time?
Open government leads to open up government data.
Enforcing legal Frameworks (not only having existing legal Frameworks )
Let’s discuss “portals are dead”
There’s a right to information participation and transparency which leads to the right to know which leads to International support And strong Civil Society to play good cop bad cop
Addressing user issues→ is transparency enough
Involve users in drafting of policies ask you this is what we are doing as a government working? does it make sense?
Users equal a branch of organizations working on an issue, example WRO, developers Kama academics, politicians, activists, civic groups→ Have engagement processes
There is a duty to include groups, even if they do not make up the process
In order to avoid open washing this is what you need to do
Inform - consult - involve- collaborate - empower
It needs to be good, though currently there is no such thing as a “good” open data programme in government
Participation ladder of OGD (open good data?) → Open Washing: what are the connections?
Complete, accurate data that has consequences and enforcement
Fed city indicators focused on local communities
Going back to open data in governments→
Sell a package [of]
Resources (eg. data team capacity).
What are the open questions?
Complete, open, accessible} but no action/ sanction
What are the consequences?
Not realising we are contributing to open washing
How to find the middle ground between comparable data and specific enough to have answers for OW?
(introducing scorecard systems instead of rankings)
“I need x-relevant info from gov.” (eg. beneficial ownership info/datasets)
Not about the definition only, but also about what the need + use is.
Think about the user. Think about UX
Controversial data vs. safe data
Eg Controversial→ contracting, spending budget
Eg Safe→ weather data
What does the environment allow you to do with the data?
Eg. there is no mechanism to sanction some governments. What then? How does OW stop?
Clear communication channels?
Eg. nonprofits provide funding data but do not say what they are spending funding on
Eg. providing info about government contracts and/or spending that is not detailed enough to have the full picture (if you don’t know anything about the subcontractors, how they are spending and why?)
“Open is so open ended”
How do we focus?
We currently don’t have feedback loops
What are the incentives for governments to tackle open washing?
Up their ranking sin ODB +GODI?