Open data use cases session



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Part 2


hi @giacecco
Do you have any idea to implement the “” that we discussed in our open exchange session?
I think it’s really necessary to have it.

(and thank you so much because of your great facilitation.)


Hi @mhkhani sorry I did not get back to you sooner but I’ve been travelling since.

Our idea is not completely original. Later on the day we talked I’ve found out of . It must not be that great, otherwise I would have heard about it earlier, but it may be a starting point. The project is run from Joel Gurin’s Washington, US - based “Center for Open Data Enterprise” (you may have met them at IODC) so it tends to be US-biased but - nonetheless - until a better alternative is available, it is useful to keep that maintained.


Hi @giacecco

You’re right, is a good platform to submit the use cases all over the world.
but there are two alternatives to this project maybe heard about them: :

Is an international network of organisations that seek to study the use and impact of open data. Coordinated by the Governance Lab (GovLab) the OD500 Global Network.

and 2. wich runs by GOVLAB and the book, The Global Impact of Open Data, wich result of the Open Data’s Impact project.
(Download the book for free:

Are there any alternatives for global open data use cases studies and monitoring?