OpenConCam (Cambridge) 2017 - 16th November



OpenCon 2017 is the student and early career academic professional conference on Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data being held in Berlin 11-13 Nov 2017.

The OpenCon 2017 Cambridge satellite event on 16 Nov 2017 will bring together students, early career academic professionals and open advocates from around Cambridge (although anyone is welcome to join us!).

This year’s OpenCon theme is “Open in order to…” and the OpenConCam’s theme is ‘Open for everyone’… Our goal is to support and build the open community in Cambridge. We want to empower attendees whatever their background to make a difference in their respective fields through open research, data, education and access and ensure that that difference is inclusive.

Our committee have brought together a great program of speakers but there is also time scheduled for focus group discussion around actions that we can take to make a change in the world. Furthermore there’s ample time set aside in the day for attendees to find answers and solutions to their questions and issues with open practices and hopefully build new collaborations for the future.