Openly Licensed clarification on "Public Domain/Information/Record"

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This is my first post so feel free to offer me feedback on placement of this request, ways to improve my submissions or identifying other threads.

In short, the Openly Licensed question was something I tried to tackle with respects to Business Listings data for the City of Jacksonville obtained form the Tax Collectors office for the county tied to Local Business Tax Receipts. I’m seeking feedback from the group with the information provided whether marking “Yes” was an accurate response for the “Openly Licensed” questions.

Here is the information acquired:

- Standard footer on the website:

“©2016 Official City of Jacksonville and Duval County Government Website, All Rights Reserved. | v3.0.9”

- Disclaimer on the page with the information
“The files are provided for your convenience. While the Duval County Tax Collector’s Office has attempted to ensure that the data contained in these files is accurate and reflects the characteristics of the original data, the Duval County Tax Collector’s Office makes no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of this data. The Duval County Tax Collector’s Office does not assume any liability associated with the use or misuse of this data.”

- Email response from a contact inside the tax collector’s office
“Information contained in our listings is public information”

I reviewed this thread to help in my interpretation

In conclusion it seemed that signs were indicating this information as “Public Record” and I made this synonymous with public domain without copyright restrictions.

Provide some guidance in the help text for openly licensed on public domain, public data, public information and how it may or may not satisfy the Openly Licensed requirement.

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