OpenSpending Data Wranglers Community (Reboot)


Situation: data gets loaded into OpenSpending by people, by “data wranglers”.

Complication: there is currently no (community) structure for those data wranglers - for people who want to load data into OpenSpending: no obvious place to find others, to ask questions or get help, or to know what datasets are being worked on or need someone to work on.

Question: what can we put community processes can we put in place to support OpenSpending data wranglers?


Some immediate thoughts:

  • A dedicated section on this forum for data wranglers and others to ask questions and get help re data loading
  • Creating a place to track datasets people are working on. A github issues tracker could work quite well and I note we already have


Update OS data wrangling now has a dedicated organization:

Also datatoload has moved to: