OpenSpending Tech Lead Group

When @trickvi announced he was stepping down as OpenSpending Tech Lead, he also talked of handing over to a “self-organised group based on the budget services in the OpenSpending ecosystem”.

So, in order to move forwards with the new OpenSpending architecture, we are working on a development roadmap for the rest of 2015, and would like to invite any interested parties to join the Open Spending Tech Group.

What is the OpenSpending Tech Lead Group

The OpenSpending Tech Lead Group will be a group of developers and domain experts who want to help Open Knowledge push forward with the new Open Spending roadmap.

Particular tasks we’d like to do with the group include:

  • Working through the existing OpenSpending Enhancement Proposals, and making new ones (of course, anyone can submit an OSEP, just follow the guidelines here)
  • Breaking up the general architecture into sets of specific components that individuals or teams may want to “take ownership” over
  • Synchronising our plans with other spend data projects - it is a complex area, and one we all want to solve well, so we want to do it together

This is not a formal committee that has to sign off on every step along the path. Rather, it will be a group that helps bring the existing ideas into fruition, as well as discuss, debate and enhance them. The group will be limited to 5-10 participants.

What is the role of Open Knowledge

OpenSpending is a growing community with multiple participants and contributors. Open Knowledge has had, and continues to have, a leading role. This current work on the roadmap is being led by Open Knowledge and will be supported by Open Knowledge with funds, time, and energy.

If you are interested in joining the Tech Lead Group, let us know here.

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