Oscar of open knowledge


Open Knowledge Spain together with Open Knowledge International calls for the 'Oscars of Open Knowledge’

The award and the organizers

The undeniable impact of open knowledge and open data in our current society has been the driving force for the Spanish chapter of Open Knowledge International to launch the third edition of the OK awards to open knowledge, open data and transparency.

With the support of Open Knowledge International the awards will reward the best projects, people, organisations, public entities or initiatives that had made visible or give practical use of open data and open knowledge for the public, industry and economics.

The awards seeks to identify, recognise and promote worldwide outstanding projects and initiatives highlighting their actual impact on society.

The award categories

The awards categories are :

  • Best Open science initiative
  • Best public open data initiative with involvement of citizens/society
  • Best business based on open knowledge
  • Best initiative encourage of entrepreneurship based on open knowledge
  • Best non-public transparency initiative
  • Best initiative to boost transparency through the Open Data

And new this year

  • Best data journalism initiative

In addition it will be also announced the winner of a special initiative: the anti-award ‘Lock’ to the more opaque and closed initiative, whether public or private, elected by anybody registered in the prize page.

The process

Candidates will be able to apply from 7th of December up to 14th of February 2016 in the site http://premio.okfn.es. Once validated candidates will be listed and a particular page created in the award site containing main information and links to the merits of the candidate. Members of the jury will be able to comment on that page.

From 15th February to 29th of February jury members will be able to vote anonymously in the site. Finalists will be announced in the week previous to the 5th of March (open data day), when the final winners will be announce during the awards ceremony.

The jury

Every member of Open Knowledge in any group of the 58 countries where Open Knowledge International is present, will be entitled to vote. Besides them, worldwide advocates of the open knowledge and open data could also vote as long as they could demonstrate their advocacy. Use this form to register and to check if you meet the requirements.

The ceremony

The awards’ ceremony will take place during world open data day, on the 5th of March. Ceremony will be hold in Madrid (Spain) at Media Lab Prado (C / Alameda 15 free entry) at 18:00 once it finish a simultaneous hackaton.

Past editions

With around 40 participants coming from 9 countries, in the previous edition winners included to the Concurso datos abiertos Junta de Castilla y León, Open Food Facts, Aragón open data, Open science training initiative, ex-equo Openkratio and El BOE nuestro de cada día and Media lab Prado.

Jury members coming from local groups of Argentina, Belgium, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Paraguay, Spain and UK.


I really love this idea and making it cross network is brilliant. Huge +1 to this initiative :slight_smile:

A few comments:

  • I think the simpler Open Knowledge Prizes or Open Knowledge Awards may be better than “Open Knowledge Oscars”
  • Would it be worth having a different timeline this year – I did not even notice this until now. If not at least, for next year, I think you want a run in of at least a few months (not including Christmas) and to tie this in to Open Knowledge Festival
  • Telling people: I am not sure people may have noticed this because you posted in an entirely new category :wink: You may want to go post in the various network group categories or even just in the main Network category as well as topic categories so people are aware of this (and you can solicit nominations at the same time).
  • Formatting: I did find the post initially quite hard to read. I have now reformatted it :slight_smile: Note that you can use markdown here and it is worth splitting up text with headings and spacing and making sure things like bullet points are actually bulleted :wink: