Portuguese LoCo

I would appreciate if the Portuguese Local Group could be place under the Local Groups section in the main forum.

As requested, here follows the information you asked:
Text to include:
Este é o espaço de discussão da Open Knowledge Portugal e outras iniciativas Open que se iniciem no nosso país.

Ao passares lá, por favor dirige-te ao tópico das apresentações para nós te ficarmos a conhecer melhor.

Foreigners are always welcome!

Associated name: @gsilvapt

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@gsilvapt all done :smile:

Here’s how you can award existing forum members a Portugal badge.

Thank you @Stephen! I will take a look at that and will call out some Portuguese fellows to the forums!

I am guessing the admin rights have been attributed to @rlafuente, right? That is okay, I just wanted to know that.

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@gsilvapt actually @Stephen had not added any group owners yet but i’ve just made you and @rlafuente group admins so you can now award membership.

Ah, okay. Thank you very much then!

Edit: It is working now, I can assign members to the Portuguese group. However, it seems I don’t have access to the badge. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to change any setting in the preferences menu?

I believe badges are awarded daily and may take up to 24 hours to appear.

You are definitely an owner and member of the okpt group

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This is correct. Obviously, it would be better for the badges to be awarded immediately. I have a suspicion that the SQL query could be adjusted to allow for that. Open to suggestions!

@gsilvapt it doesn’t look like anyone was added to the group okpt :confused:

Badges have arrived :grinning:

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Haha, yes, I have seen that. Thanks!

In regards to [quote=“danfowler, post:7, topic:2689”]
have a suspicion that the SQL query could be adjusted to allow for that. Open to suggestions!

Even though I am no SQL expert, I don’t mind adding that to my to-do list and see if I can search for something about it.

It seems immediate awarding wasn’t around in July 2014…

Searched meta.discourse.org and there is a wiki post about badges that you may be interested in.

The triggers to award a badge in the Badge Admin panel are…

So, if adding a member to a group using Open Knowledge Forums counts as a When a user is edited or created trigger, then badges may be able to be awarded immediately.

@gsilvapt I will experiment with your user and a new test group, oktest, and badge to see if this works. Let’s hope you get a new badge.

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Sure thing, go ahead! Thanks for testing! Let me know if it works in the end :smiley:

OK getting closer…

  1. Created the oktest group.
  2. Used these settings for the test Immediate badge

3. Added @gsilvapt to oktest
4. Immediately granted an Immediate badge

5. Existing members of oktest (@danfowler and @Stephen) not awarded a badge.

EDIT: @Stephen just awarded a badge. Dan not yet. Maybe it just takes a little while to execute.

EDIT 2: And Dan now has a badge :smile:

@danfowler @rufuspollock how would you like to progress with this new capability?

Will remove @gsilvapt from group using Open Knowledge Forums to test if daily revocation works.

Extra information and SQL from Automatically grant a badge for all members of a group - #14 - admins - Discourse Meta

Implemented this query for group/badge combos:

  • oktest/immediate
  • okau/okau.

and is working:

  • Manually adding a user to a group, awards a badge in a few minutes
  • Manually removing a user from a group, removes the badge daily. (Not sure when batch jobs run - Guessing around midnight Washington; 5am London; 2pm Brisbane Australia)

So what doesn’t seem to be working is automatically assigning membership to an OK Local group based on a user assigning a country in their profile. @danfowler @nealbastek is that something that can be done or have we run down that path already?

Edit: batch seemed to run around 11pm Brisbane Australia time.


I am sorry I cannot help that much guys!

Also, I did a small edit in the first message that I would like to implemente in the group’s description. Thanks!

@gsilvapt You should be able to edit the post yourself as you are the owner

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Oh, sorry! you’re absolutely right!

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