Power BI and Power Query Tabular Data Package functions

@rufuspollock @danfowler

This is our contribution to the Frictionless Data project:

This should plug the gap for Excel tooling (http://frictionlessdata.io/tools/#excel). It uses the official Microsoft Power Query add-in that is available for free for Excel 2010 or later (it’s baked into Excel 2016). It also means that Power BI Desktop can be added to the list of tools (http://frictionlessdata.io/tools).

Take a look and let me know your thoughts :wink:

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This looks great @michaelamadi. Thanks for building, and thanks for sharing! Will take a look!

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Hi @michaelamadi have you thought about perhaps writing a blog post for our Labs blog about the project and perhaps some of the motivations behind it?

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@danfowler That’s a good idea. I’ll look at putting something together soon…