Tutorial for handcrafting a Table Schema


Today I helped some friends handcraft a Table Schema and validate some open data using Data Packagist. They found the Frictionless Data specifications difficult to understand so I wrote a tutorial :innocent:

My friends found the tutorial useful and were able to successfully validate the data. The tutorial is in a Google Doc and it’s open for suggestions, so please correct my mistakes or add your ideas. I may even write some more.


Stunning, @Stephen :thumbsup:

We are going to be doing a big push on overhauling our guides: https://github.com/frictionlessdata/project/issues/332

It would be great to have your feedback.


Happy to have a “review party” with the team to provide feedback over homemade cake :cake:

I was thinking about writing a guide about location data in CSV’s. Should I proceed or is that on your list?


I think you should go ahead. It would inform, I think, what we consider to be a “geospatial” Data Package to be.


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Hi, about (good!) tools, please review links at http://frictionlessdata.io/tools/#tools-and-integrations

As I see here, the correct link is http://datapackagist.openknowledge.io/

(perhaps need a general content-integration between datapackagist.openknowledge.io and frictionlessdata.io)


Thanks, link is now fixed in document and reference to pre v1 spec added https://pre-v1.frictionlessdata.io/json-table-schema/