Recommendations for publishing Open Data and Linked Open Data in the public sector


Hi for all, my name is Thiago Ávila, from Brazil, and I am researching about publication of Linked Open Data in public sector.

I want invite all of you to contribute with to the Master thesis research “A proposal of model process for publishing Government Linked Open Data”. This research aims to propose a model process that encourage, guide and contribute to the improvement of the publication of Open Data and Linked Open Data in public sector.

The questionnaire below aims to obtain the evaluation of experts on a set of recommendations for publishing Open Data and Linked Open Data in the public sector. It is available at the following hiperlinks: (english version) or (portuguese version)

The participants of this research must act with publication, consumption (use), research or related activities to Open Data and Linked Open Data. The answers should be based on their experiences (academic and professional) with highlighted topics.

The identification of participants is not required. Feel free to forward this form to others who may contribute to the survey.

This research is being developed in the Masters in Knowledge Computational Modeling of Computing Institute of Federal University of Alagoas UFAL by Msc student Thiago José Tavares Avila, under guidance of Prof. Dr. Ig Ibert Bittencourt.

All the best for you.

Thiago Ávila


Shared with the folks in the Australian Government Linked Data Working Group :smile:



You may also be interested in the URI Guidelines for publishing linked datasets on that were announced in this blog post.

I personally think it’s too soon for linked data, but would love to be proved wrong.


Too soon, or almost too late?

Linked Data could solve a lot of inequity in where data is stored. Most extremely high value datasets are owned by large Internet companies with terms held under the jurisdiction of the state of California.

TBL’s Solid project just got 1Mil funding from mastercard, which is a hopeful sign that personal transaction data might soon be decentralized and brought under the control of individuals.

Policy does need to catch up. Linked data platforms provide a good solution to a real problem with the current way the Internet is structured within giant honeypots of personal data silos.


Thank you Starl3n. I am needing the largest number of answers to this questionnaire because our research group want to contribute with open data community presenting quick and easy ways to publish open data as linked data. These recommendations must to be validated for many experts.

Best regards.


Hi Stephen, it is a very and relevant question.

In our research group (NEES, in Brazil) we are trying to understand what the causes of the lack of conditions to publish linked data in public sector. Is it a lack of process? tools? policies?

Preliminarily, we can see some limitations of open data that linked open data can solve, like, offer an endpoint SPARQL preventing the user to save large data files (as e.g.).

I believe that (pure) open data initiatives is very importante, but is not enough. We need to advance for new levels of quality in data availability.

Let´s stay in contact.

All the best. Thiago


In Australia we’ve recently had a consolidation of public sector resources. The new blog for this group is now at

Pia Waugh spoke recently about three key elements. Data leadership, data infrastructure and data literacy. I think linked data success stories will come more frequently as each of these elements receive more attention and support over time within the public sector.

There is a link to Pia’s pre recorded version of her talk here: